Bone Dry Dog Towel

I love a good beach day with the family and the dog, as most people would. However, there is nothing worse than not having a towel and having to drip dry in the sun before heading out. Or perhaps with the case of your dog, imagine how much water your own hair holds, and then imagine that your whole body is covered in hair. That’s so much potential water to be held! Can you imagine that in your car? It would be a huge mess! Or how about after giving your dog a bath and they run through the house, jumping on furniture or shaking the water all over the walls. My dog is personally known to go straight to the living room and roll around to get dry as soon as possible. It’s also a huge mess! However these accidents can be avoided simply by having a towel for your dog as well. It’s even better if that towel is designed specifically with our furry friends in mind.


Coming soon we’ll be doing a review on Bone Dry’s dog and cat towle. Made from super soft and absorbent microfiber, these towels are ideal for a quick dry that takes no time at all. Bone dry offers these towels in a variety of colors, as claims that they are perfect for all sizes of dogs, from small to large. These towels are also good for cats as well, creatures that are known to hate being wet. We’ll be doing all the reasurach to help you decide whether or not this particular towel is a good match for you and your family pet. We will also be looking are the competition and through the reviews in order to make sure that you are informed on the very best product for your dogs. After all, theres nothing too good for a member of the family. Check in soon, and in the meantime, enjoy cleaning up or cooling off this summer.

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