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Camping is a remarkable low-key outdoor activity for those who would rather not climb a treacherous cliff face or hike 30 miles in the middle of bear country. It allows you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment. Or you can go it alone to get some peace and quiet. Either way, camping is the perfect opportunity to bring along your pup and their new Lumsing Dog Tent.


Why Camp with Fido?

The recreational activity of camping gained strides in the late Victorian era of the 1880s. With roots that extend even further back, this pastime has undoubtedly been enjoyed for quite a while. Modern camping is still vastly practiced by scout troops and families alike, but with much better equipment!

Gearing up and heading out to a campground for an overnight stay is often a family activity. When you bring along the family, why not let Fido tag along too? He or she is family too after all! Camping offers the perfect opportunity to bond with your furbaby in a new environment. They will enjoy getting out of the house as much as you do!

When deciding to camp alone, bringing your pup along is a matter of safety. In 2004, a 7 year old Golden Retriever named Brutis saved a young child from being bitten by a deadly coral snake. Brutis snatched the snake before it could reach the child. In 2008, Maya the Pitbull saved her owner from a male attacker. These two stories are only a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of hero dog instances. By allowing your pup to join you on a camping trip, you are implementing a key safety feature that might save your life.


The Product: Lumsing Pet Tent

While some campgrounds offer small cabins for rent, others encourage a more rugged experience. As a matter of fact, tents are arguably the most prominent piece of equipment brought on a camping trip. From simple tarps to elaborate family-sized abodes, tents come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. The Lumsing Pet Tent now offers the same camping experience for your furbaby.

Measuring 45” in length x 32” in width x 27” in height, the Lumsing Pet Tent comes in a rugged, classic army green color. Flexible and durable fiberglass rods fit together for super easy set-up, just like a human tent! Don’t fret, its included manual will give you six simple steps for completion. To properly keep the tent grounded, use the included sturdy metal stakes.

This pet tent will keep your furbaby protected from the outside elements. Its waterproof polyester cover provides an easy retreat from moisture, dust, and UV rays. Some customers use the Lumsing Pet Tent in their own backyard on sunny days; giving Fido an innovative shady and comfortable spot. In addition to zipper doorways, the tent sports mesh windows that let in a cool breeze but not bugs! After your pup is all done using their new comfy home, pack it all up in the included lightweight carrying bag.

Some customers explain the spacing in the tent is best occupied for medium and small sized pups. A 70lbs dog, for example, was unable to fit comfortably. Furthermore, like most tents, a determined dog will find a way out whether you like it or not. Polyester is prone to rip and tear with destructive pups. We recommend observing how your furbaby reacts to the tent before closing them up inside. Leaving the door unzipped may be a great remedy to any anxious behaviors.


Great Dog-Friendly Campsites Under $20

  1. Hodgdon Meadow Campground. Located in Yosemite National Park, CA, the Hodgdon Meadow Campground will cost about $14 per night. We love the idea of taking your pooch on an adventurous road trip to this famous national park. Pets are allowed in their family campsites for no additional fee.
  2. Badin Lake Campground. This campground is located in central Uwharrie National Forrest, NC. At only $12 per night, you can experience great recreational activities at Badin Lake; like swimming and boating. There is no additional pet fee.
  3. Fermont Campground. Also located in CA, the Fermont Campground sits in Los Padres National Forrest. Because you will be staked out along the Santa Ynez River, you and your pup will have access to boating, kayaking, fishing, and great hiking trails. Unfortunately, swimming is not permitted. Expected to pay about $15 per nite with no additional pet fees.
  4. Gone Creek. Situated in Mt. Hood National Forrest, OR, the Gone Creek campground is on the edge of Timothy Lake near Mt. Hood. Consider this campground if you love mountains because Mt. Hood is Oregon’s highest peak! At $17 per night and no pet fees, look forward to enjoying some great water activities.
  5. Gerald Freeman Campground. This campground is located at Sutton Lake, WV. Road trip to West Virginia and spend some time at Gerald Freeman Campground for boating, swimming, and fishing. It will cost about $16 per night with no pet fee.


Things to Consider Before Camping with Fido

Campsite Restrictions

After picking out the perfect campsite to visit with your pup, brush up on your campsite rules and regulations. Dogs are allowed in most state parks but must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Often, your pooch will not be able to venture on a park’s beach for sanitary reasons. Furthermore, dogs are not allowed inside buildings unless they designate otherwise.

We highly recommend visiting a park’s website or giving them a call before you gear up. Each park can have specific rules regarding pets and you will want to be fully aware. For example, parks in California require an owner to keep their dog in a tent or vehicle at night. No matter what the rules are, it’s important to know them and follow them to protect yourself as well as other campers and their dogs.

Condition of Your Pup

There are three simple questions you should ask yourself before bringing Fido along to camp:

  1. Does your dog know their basic commands?
  2. Does your dog react calmly around people and other dogs?
  3. Is your pup’s physical condition up for the trip?

If your furbaby needs some brushing up on their commands, take the time to do so before hastily choosing a campground. Make sure your furry friend will not run off into the yonder at the first sight of a squirrel. Additionally, be honest with yourself. If your pooch is not fond of other dogs, camping in the back yard may be a better option.

Doggie Gear

Since your pup is now joining you on the adventure, you will need to pack some extra things. These may include a portable water bowl, extra source of water, dog food and treats, to make sure that they maintain energy as well as stay hydrated.  Waste disposal baggies, collar with identification, leash, doggie tent, towels and other equipment may be needed to make the trip easier and more comfortable for all parties involved. For further safety measure, consider a first aid kit with supplies specific to your pup.

Prepare for Possible Hazards

There are always possible hazards with anything and everything we do in life. However, these dangers can be lessened with knowledge and prep. All campgrounds will have different environments and terrains. Depending on where you go in the country, or world, some hazards may appear that you are not accustomed to.

First, you will want to know where your target campground or area is located. Second, do some research on what type of terrain you will encounter. Is there a body of water? Will you be near a cliff? Will the ground be rocky? All these questions, and more, are valid to ask yourself. Next, consider the wildlife typically found in that area. It is very possible there may be snakes or bears to watch out for. Finally, if your camping spot is far away from other people, know your plan of requesting help in hazardous situations. While your pup is a great safety asset in the wilderness, preparing for hazards is still a must.


In Conclusion

Camping has a long history of personal and family enjoyment. It provides a peaceful retreat from the hectic hubbub of life. Taking your furry friend along provides them will a great new outdoor experience. Furthermore, your bond with them will grow to new heights!

As you pack up your camping gear, consider providing Fido with their very own camping dog tent. The Lumsing Dog Tent is extremely affordable and easy to use. Just like a human tent, it will give your pup needed shelter from moisture, dust, and harmful sun rays. Not to mention, your pup will thank you for giving them their own space! We love this dog tent for its functional and practical nature. You will be able to rely on it for camping trips to come!


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