RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

Sudden injuries are no joking matter, especially if you’re out on a good, long hike away from home. A simple sprained ankle can turn into an excruciating feat. Injuries like this are the reason why many individuals and families keep a first aid kit close at hand on practically every trip away from home. These bundles of bandages, antiseptics, and creams become the safety net between you and pain or further injury.

As you bring your pup along on trips, hikes, sporting, and other adventures; consider protecting them with a specialized pet first aid kit. This will vary from your own kit because it includes products specific to pet injuries and needs. A pet first aid kit will ensure your furbaby is protected to the best of your ability until a veterinarian can be reached.

We love the idea of always keeping a pet first aid kit on hand; just like you would have a human first aid kit. It is important that you can trust a kit, so we did some digging to find the best on the market. The RC Pet Products First Aid Kit is both affordable and practical. This kit has everything you need, but you can always add more if you wish.

Why Have a Pet First Aid Kit?

As we reviewed above, a pet first aid kit will allow an owner to take care of their pup’s injury until a vet can be reached. Depending on what the kit has, you will be able to ease pain or manage bleeding. Accidents can occur with Fido almost anywhere due to unforeseen circumstances: playing around in the house, slipping on ice outside, and on walks or runs.

Most notably, an owner will need a pet first aid kit with their dog when away from home. As you and your pup go on exhilarating (or even just relaxing) adventures, the addition of a specialized pet first aid kit can ease your mind when it comes to potential dangers. Whether you’re mastering that trail you’ve been training for or hitting the slopes, make sure you can tend to Fido if needed.

Our Pick: RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

The RC Pet Products First Aid Kit is a bright orange, durable kit that organizes supplies with vinyl pockets inside. Not only is it brightly colored for immediate visibility, but the outside label and piping are reflective. You will have no trouble recognizing the kit among your other things on a moment’s notice.

Measuring 7 x 3 x 8” and weighing only 1.2 lbs, it is ideal for travel and popping into your backpack. It has everything you need to assist your pup until you can get to a veterinarian. Inside you will find:

  • 3 gauze rolls
  • 4 square gauze pads
  • 4 rectangle gauze pads
  • 1 elastic bandage
  • 2 patch adhesives
  • 1 triangle bandage
  • Exam gloves
  • First aid tape
  • 2 wooden tongue depressors
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • 1 cold pack
  • 1 emergency blanket
  • Saline solution
  • 8 antiseptic wipes

Because the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit is designed in partnership with Walks ‘n’ Wags Pet First Aid, an incredibly useful first aid booklet comes with the kit. The booklet is a manual that carries instructions on caring for an injured pet; an absolute must-have. Topics include checking vital signs, choking, bleeding, wound care, broken bones, poisoning, burns, and many others.

While the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit has a ton of extremely essential tools, we recognize that owners may want to add their own. Customers confirm that they have added their own products no problem! They have made their kit specific to their furbaby’s needs. When an item runs out, it will be simple and inexpensive to replace. Then, just simply pop in back in the vinyl pocket. The only two products that have a shelf life include the antiseptic wipes (3-5 years) and saline solution (2-3 years).

What makes the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid kit so great is its portable nature and design. We recommend keeping it in the back of your car so that you don’t forget it! Other who have bought the product agree that it is perfect for on-the-go. Its rave reviews and unique additions make the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit our top pick!

About the Company: RC Pets

RC Pets hand their beginning in making products for skiers and snowboarders in Canada. They are the masterminds behind the brand names: RC Pets, Canine Equipment, Canine Friendly, and RC Pet Toys. All brands specialize in everything doggie, with a slight dash of kitty-cat.

What makes this company notably great is their conscious efforts in sustainability. Their sustainable toy line, Wooly Wonkz Toys, feature products that are handmade using eco-friendly wool fibers. The fabric is anti-microbial, odor-resistant, and toxin-free; a great gift for the allergen-prone pup in your family! When purchasing from the Wooly Wonkz Toy line, you are helping Nepalese women earn a living to support their family and create a bright future.

Extra Tid-Bits

Preparing for the Trail with Fido

Before heading out into the wilderness with your pup, prepare a checklist of items to complete and ensure that you are ready. Just like making a list of items to take in your backpack, this list will prepare you and your dog for the adventure ahead. We did some digging to find a good example checklist that your can follow if needed:

  1. Visit your vet
    1. Is your dog physically ready?
    2. Does your dog need any vaccinations?
    3. Can your pup’s immune system handle the adventure?
  2. Does the trail allow dogs, and will you need a leash?
  3. Is your pooch up-to-speed on their trail obedience training? For example, is your pup able to stay calm when other dogs pass on the trail?
  4. Do you know the “leave no trace” rule for pets on the trail? REI explains that an owner should bury their pet’s waste in a 6 to 8” hole more than 200 feet away from the trail. For your pup to urinate, move off the trail and away from any water source.
  5. Do you have a first aid kit? Consider purchasing the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit for a reliable product and manual.

A Simple Review of Dog Leg Injuries

Once your checklist is complete and you feel fully prepared for the hike ahead, it’s time to head out! You can see in your pup’s eyes that he/she is as excited as you are, if not more. It’s going to be a big, adventurous day! Or maybe it’s going to be a relaxing, Zen day away from all the noise and hub-bub.

One of the most common canine injuries that can occur on the trail targets their legs. Covering that mileage over logs, rocks, steep inclines, and slippery leaves can prove dangerous if a misstep occurs. For those “just in case moments,” here is a quick review of some common doggie leg injuries.

Paw injuries include abrasions and wounds on the bottom of the foot. They can occur when your pup steps on glass or traverses over hot pavement. If there is an open wound, it is more likely to become infected due to the under-foot location. Ligament injuries may result from slipping or sudden turns while running. Tendonitis (a word we all hate) can occur after excessive running or jumping. Keep an eye on your pup and see if they exhibit any unusual behavior. Limping, foot dragging, pain, swelling, bleeding, and lethargy, are all common symptoms of a canine leg injury.

In Closing

Keeping a first aid kit on hand during outings provide you with peace of mind. The kit will always be there for those “just in case” moments. The same rings true for your beloved pup. A first aid kit special for your dog will ensure their safety until a vet can be reached. Use bandages, creams, antiseptic fluid, and much more to treat those unexpected injuries.

After digging around product information and customer reviews, our top pick is the RC Pet Products First Aid Kit. It is affordable, highly visible, reliable, and comes with a much-needed injury manual. Designed for on-the-go purposes, you can easily pop it in the car or in your pack.

Hiking, running, swimming, sailing, or slowly strolling through your favorite park in the evenings, bring your pet first aid kit along. Your furbaby is strong and healthy, but accidents can happen to anyone (anydog). Every owner likes to be prepare in case that accident occurs today.

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